Russian Ruble Exchange Rates for RUB: Click to change to US Dollar USD/RUB = 55.74001Click to change to Brazilian Real BRL/RUB = 17.81948Click to change to Argentine Peso ARS/RUB = 3.62583Click to change to Euro EUR/RUB = 60.54728Click to change to United Kingdom Pound GBP/RUB = 71.24871Click to change to Hong Kong Dollar HKD/RUB = 7.16462Click to change to Canadian Dollar CAD/RUB = 41.12145Click to change to Japanese Yen JPY/RUB = 0.50712Click to change to Australian Dollar AUD/RUB = 42.14752Click to change to Swiss Franc CHF/RUB = 55.92961Click to change to Bahamas Dollar BSD/RUB = 55.74001Click to change to Hong Kong Dollar HKD/RUB = 7.16462Click to change to Burmese Kyat MMK/RUB = 0.04139Click to change to CFA Franc BEAC XAF/RUB = 0.09236Click to change to Chilean Peso CLP/RUB = 0.08514Click to change to Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY/RUB = 8.09645Click to change to Colombian Peso COP/RUB = 0.01943Click to change to Croatian Kuna HRK/RUB = 8.15592Click to change to Czech Koruna CZK/RUB = 2.25587Click to change to Danish Krone DKK/RUB = 8.13768Click to change to East Caribbean Dollar XCD/RUB = 20.64593Click to change to Fiji Dollar FJD/RUB = 26.8265Click to change to French Pacific Franc XPF/RUB = 0.51002Click to change to Ghana Cedi GHS/RUB = 13.60011Click to change to Guatemala Quetzal GTQ/RUB = 7.60022Click to change to Honduran Lempira HNL/RUB = 2.38823Click to change to Hungarian Forint HUF/RUB = 0.19453Click to change to Icelandic Krona ISK/RUB = 0.51803Click to change to Indian Rupee INR/RUB = 0.86439Click to change to Indonesian Rupiah IDR/RUB = 0.0042Click to change to Israeli Shekel ILS/RUB = 15.28716Click to change to Jamaica Dollar JMD/RUB = 0.43422Click to change to Korean (South) Won KRW/RUB = 0.04919Click to change to Malaysian Ringgit MYR/RUB = 12.70427Click to change to Mexican Peso MXN/RUB = 2.96217Click to change to Moroccan Dirham MAD/RUB = 5.60906Click to change to Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG/RUB = 31.14428Click to change to New Taiwan Dollar TWD/RUB = 1.84552Click to change to New Zealand Dollar NZD/RUB = 39.08297Click to change to Norwegian Krone NOK/RUB = 6.51389Click to change to Pakistani Rupee PKR/RUB = 0.53264Click to change to Panama Balboa PAB/RUB = 55.74001Click to change to Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN/RUB = 17.2207Click to change to Philippine Peso PHP/RUB = 1.12018Click to change to Polish Zloty PLN/RUB = 14.26268Click to change to Romanian New Leu RON/RUB = 13.373Click to change to Serbian Dinar RSD/RUB = 0.4918Click to change to Singaporean Dollar SGD/RUB = 40.00661Click to change to South African Rand ZAR/RUB = 4.28312Click to change to Sri Lanka Rupee LKR/RUB = 0.36611Click to change to Swedish Krona SEK/RUB = 6.28826Click to change to Thai Baht THB/RUB = 1.62224Click to change to Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD/RUB = 8.32003Click to change to Tunisian Dinar TND/RUB = 22.26483Click to change to Turkish Lira TRY/RUB = 15.59859Click to change to United Arab Emirates Dirham AED/RUB = 15.17767Click to change to Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte VEF/RUB = 5.58814Click to change to Vietnamse Dong VND/RUB = 0.00246
Currency rate table for Russian Ruble to other 57 world currencies. Don't forget to use the appropriate margin once the default exchange rate used is the interbank. In real world, for the majority of common transactions we have to consider some operational costs and commissions among others. These currency tables are up to date with exchange rates from 04/25/2017 01:37:12 ?

Russian Ruble (RUB) Exchange Rates for Today

Please select your base currency by clicking on the corresponding country flag below.

Margin: ?
Exchange rates against the RUB: 1 RUB: in RUB: Convert to RUB: Convert from RUB:
Click to Change to US Dollar USD (US Dollar)0.0179555.74001USD to RUBRUB to USD
Click to Change to Brazilian Real BRL (Brazilian Real)0.0561217.81948BRL to RUBRUB to BRL
Click to Change to Argentine Peso ARS (Argentine Peso)0.27583.62583ARS to RUBRUB to ARS
Click to Change to Euro EUR (Euro)0.0165260.54728EUR to RUBRUB to EUR
Click to Change to United Kingdom Pound GBP (United Kingdom Pound)0.0140471.24871GBP to RUBRUB to GBP
Click to Change to Hong Kong Dollar HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)0.139587.16462HKD to RUBRUB to HKD
Click to Change to Canadian Dollar CAD (Canadian Dollar)0.0243241.12145CAD to RUBRUB to CAD
Click to Change to Japanese Yen JPY (Japanese Yen)1.971930.50712JPY to RUBRUB to JPY
Click to Change to Australian Dollar AUD (Australian Dollar)0.0237342.14752AUD to RUBRUB to AUD
Click to Change to Swiss Franc CHF (Swiss Franc)0.0178855.92961CHF to RUBRUB to CHF
Click to Change to Bahamas Dollar BSD (Bahamas Dollar)0.0179555.74001BSD to RUBRUB to BSD
Click to Change to Hong Kong Dollar HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)0.139587.16462HKD to RUBRUB to HKD
Click to Change to Burmese Kyat MMK (Burmese Kyat)24.165770.04139MMK to RUBRUB to MMK
Click to Change to CFA Franc BEAC XAF (CFA Franc BEAC)10.82760.09236XAF to RUBRUB to XAF
Click to Change to Chilean Peso CLP (Chilean Peso)11.746690.08514CLP to RUBRUB to CLP
Click to Change to Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi)0.123528.09645CNY to RUBRUB to CNY
Click to Change to Colombian Peso COP (Colombian Peso)51.471120.01943COP to RUBRUB to COP
Click to Change to Croatian Kuna HRK (Croatian Kuna)0.122628.15592HRK to RUBRUB to HRK
Click to Change to Czech Koruna CZK (Czech Koruna)0.443292.25587CZK to RUBRUB to CZK
Click to Change to Danish Krone DKK (Danish Krone)0.122898.13768DKK to RUBRUB to DKK
Click to Change to East Caribbean Dollar XCD (East Caribbean Dollar)0.0484420.64593XCD to RUBRUB to XCD
Click to Change to Fiji Dollar FJD (Fiji Dollar)0.0372826.8265FJD to RUBRUB to FJD
Click to Change to French Pacific Franc XPF (French Pacific Franc)1.960720.51002XPF to RUBRUB to XPF
Click to Change to Ghana Cedi GHS (Ghana Cedi)0.0735313.60011GHS to RUBRUB to GHS
Click to Change to Guatemala Quetzal GTQ (Guatemala Quetzal)0.131587.60022GTQ to RUBRUB to GTQ
Click to Change to Honduran Lempira HNL (Honduran Lempira)0.418732.38823HNL to RUBRUB to HNL
Click to Change to Hungarian Forint HUF (Hungarian Forint)5.140840.19453HUF to RUBRUB to HUF
Click to Change to Icelandic Krona ISK (Icelandic Krona)1.93040.51803ISK to RUBRUB to ISK
Click to Change to Indian Rupee INR (Indian Rupee)1.156890.86439INR to RUBRUB to INR
Click to Change to Indonesian Rupiah IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)238.428410.0042IDR to RUBRUB to IDR
Click to Change to Israeli Shekel ILS (Israeli Shekel)0.0654215.28716ILS to RUBRUB to ILS
Click to Change to Jamaica Dollar JMD (Jamaica Dollar)2.303020.43422JMD to RUBRUB to JMD
Click to Change to Korean (South) Won KRW (Korean (South) Won)20.33190.04919KRW to RUBRUB to KRW
Click to Change to Malaysian Ringgit MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)0.0787212.70427MYR to RUBRUB to MYR
Click to Change to Mexican Peso MXN (Mexican Peso)0.33762.96217MXN to RUBRUB to MXN
Click to Change to Moroccan Dirham MAD (Moroccan Dirham)0.178295.60906MAD to RUBRUB to MAD
Click to Change to Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG (Netherlands Antillean Guilder)0.0321131.14428ANG to RUBRUB to ANG
Click to Change to New Taiwan Dollar TWD (New Taiwan Dollar)0.541861.84552TWD to RUBRUB to TWD
Click to Change to New Zealand Dollar NZD (New Zealand Dollar)0.0255939.08297NZD to RUBRUB to NZD
Click to Change to Norwegian Krone NOK (Norwegian Krone)0.153526.51389NOK to RUBRUB to NOK
Click to Change to Pakistani Rupee PKR (Pakistani Rupee)1.877470.53264PKR to RUBRUB to PKR
Click to Change to Panama Balboa PAB (Panama Balboa)0.0179555.74001PAB to RUBRUB to PAB
Click to Change to Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)0.0580717.2207PEN to RUBRUB to PEN
Click to Change to Philippine Peso PHP (Philippine Peso)0.892721.12018PHP to RUBRUB to PHP
Click to Change to Polish Zloty PLN (Polish Zloty)0.0701214.26268PLN to RUBRUB to PLN
Click to Change to Romanian New Leu RON (Romanian New Leu)0.0747813.373RON to RUBRUB to RON
Click to Change to Serbian Dinar RSD (Serbian Dinar)2.033380.4918RSD to RUBRUB to RSD
Click to Change to Singaporean Dollar SGD (Singaporean Dollar)0.02540.00661SGD to RUBRUB to SGD
Click to Change to South African Rand ZAR (South African Rand)0.233484.28312ZAR to RUBRUB to ZAR
Click to Change to Sri Lanka Rupee LKR (Sri Lanka Rupee)2.731440.36611LKR to RUBRUB to LKR
Click to Change to Swedish Krona SEK (Swedish Krona)0.159036.28826SEK to RUBRUB to SEK
Click to Change to Thai Baht THB (Thai Baht)0.616441.62224THB to RUBRUB to THB
Click to Change to Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar)0.12028.32003TTD to RUBRUB to TTD
Click to Change to Tunisian Dinar TND (Tunisian Dinar)0.0449222.26483TND to RUBRUB to TND
Click to Change to Turkish Lira TRY (Turkish Lira)0.0641115.59859TRY to RUBRUB to TRY
Click to Change to United Arab Emirates Dirham AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)0.0658915.17767AED to RUBRUB to AED
Click to Change to Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte VEF (Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte)0.178965.58814VEF to RUBRUB to VEF
Click to Change to Vietnamse Dong VND (Vietnamse Dong)407.499090.00246VND to RUBRUB to VND
Margin: ?

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Countries that use the Russian Ruble ( RUB ) as their official currency

The Russian Ruble ( RUB ) is used as the main currency in the following countries: Russia, South Ossetia

About Russian Ruble ( RUB )

The RUB - Russian Rouble - is the official currency of the Russia in Europe. There are 100 kopek in each 1 Rouble ( its sub-unit ). The symbol for RUB is руб. The ruble or rouble is the currency of the Russian Federation and the two self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Formerly, the ruble was also the currency of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire prior to their breakups. Currently there is no official symbol for the rub

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